AdminTool Public Interface

eduroam AU AdminTool Public Interface

The eduroam AU public interface provides summary information on eduroam AU participants.

Each institution entry provides links to the institution’s specific eduroam information page and the institutions network access Acceptable Use Policy.

The institution’s eduroam information page should describe any network access restrictions imposed due to local policy on eduroam users.

It is recommended that eduroam users read the visited institution’s Acceptable Use Policy and ensure they comply with it.

Note: users are required to comply with their home institution’s acceptable use policy (AUPs), which, given the closed community of eduroam users i.e. people involved in education and/or research, it is assumed that AUPs will be equivalent. If an eduroam service provider institution observed network activity in breach of its AUP (e.g. download of copyright or illegal materials) they should identify the device MAC address and home institution from RADIUS logs, and pass on the RADIUS logs and description of noncompliant activity (e.g. copyright infringement notification) to the identified home institution. The home institution should take action against the user as if the user had performed the activity on the home network.

See “eduroam AU AdminTool User Guide” for more details on the public interface to the eduroam AU AdminTool.