AdminTool Admin Interface

eduroam AU AdminTool Institutional Administrator Guide

eduroam AU participating institutions are required to maintain their eduroam deployment data via the eduroam AU AdminTool.

There are various categories of information that are required to be entered:

  • Institution: basic information about institution, including eduroam administrative contacts, links to institution’s eduroam information page and network acceptable use policy
  • Locations: Information on locations (typically campuses) where the “eduroam” SSID is broadcast
  • Servers: RADIUS Servers deployed as ‘authentication servers’ for local WiFi (providing authentication as required by the IEEE802.1x protocol)
  • Realms: The realms that are handled by this institution (including reference to the RADIUS servers that are configured to handle these realms)
  • Monitoring: The realms that are actively monitored by the eduroam AU National Roaming Operator, AARNet, including the method of monitoring
  • Contacts: eduroam institutional administrator contacts, as required by national eduroam policy.

Note: entry of RADIUS server secrets and test account passwords is currently disabled.

See “eduroam AU AdminTool Institutional Administrator Guide” for more details on the public interface to the eduroam AU AdminTool.