eduroam AU National Policy

Global Policy Compliance

GEANT, responsible for the global eduroam service, has published the eduroam Global Policy, called the eduroam Compliance Statement (eCS), which NRO’s must sign up to be recognized by GEANT as the eduroam operator for their country.

The eCS describes fundamental aspects of the eduroam service, the role of the NROs, and the basic requirements for institutions operating as IdPs or SPs in Appendices A and B respectively.

The eCS states that, as the eduroam AU National Roaming Operator (NRO), AARNet is responsible for eduroam AU participating institution’s compliance with the eCS.

The Global Policy FAQ section states that in order to comply with the eCS, it is appropriate an NRO creates a National eduroam Policy referencing institutional requirements in eCS appendices, and obtains agreement by institutions to comply with the National eduroam Policy.

Excerpt from eCS (italics added):

Q: In 5.1, it states “By signing this document, an RO commits to ensure that the eduroam IdPs and eduroam SPs in its country or economy implement and adhere to the rules set forth herein.” What would be an appropriate way for an RO to honour this commitment?

A: A good way for an RO to honour this commitment would be to have the eduroam IdPs and eduroam SPs in its country or economy sign a statement in which they commit to implement and adhere to the rules. If and when it would come to the attention of an RO that an eduroam IdP or eduroam SP in its country or economy is not adhering to the rules, then the RO is expected to take appropriate action towards that IdP or SP

Eduroam AU National Policy

The current eduroam AU National Policy was released in 2010. It pre-dates the eCS which was released in 2011.

AARNet has been seeking to revise the eduroam AU National Policy in order to make it consistent with the eCS, to link it to the eduroam AU Technical Specification, and to more comprehensively support AARNet’s eduroam AU operational objectives of AARNet (e.g. for eduroam testing, support and troubleshooting, and infrastructure monitoring).

The draft revised eduroam AU National Policy is made available in order that institutions may read, understand and provide feedback to AARNet. In particular, AARNet is requesting information on whether institutions regard any policy requirement as excessively onerous, or whether there are other policy items that institutions feel should be included.

For an overview of the proposed revised policy, list of major changes is available.