AARNet’s Role in eduroam


AARNet was an early adopter of eduroam for the Australian R&E sector. AARNet created a project group in 2007 to foster growth of participation in eduroam AU.

AARNet has the following roles in eduroam globally:

  • National Roaming Operator for Australia (eduroam AU)
  • Joint Regional Roaming Operator for APAN
  • Member of the Global eduroam Governance Committee

AARNet is also an institutional (IdP+SP) participant in eduroam.

National Roaming Operator for Australia

AARNet is the eduroam National Roaming Operator (NRO) for Australia.

This includes meeting the following responsibilities:

  • Signing the eduroam Compliance Statement
  • Creating the eduroam AU National Policy, as a means of complying with the eduroam Compliance Statement with regard to being responsible for eduroam AU institutional participants
  • Hosting eduroam AU National RADIUS Servers (dual redundant)
  • Providing the eduroam AU website to inform institutional management, technical and admin readers, and both eduroam AU and other country eduroam end-users
  • Defining and enacting the eduroam AU on-boarding process to enable eligible Australian institutions to join and participate in eduroam AU
  • Operating the eduroam AdminTool which is used by institutions to maintain an up-to-date record of their deployment information, and provide a data feed to the eduroam Global Database
  • Provide means for institutions to access the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool
  • Developing and hosting value-added services to enhance the value of eduroam participation to customers.
  • Engaging with customers to share security advisories and other information regarding the eduroam service

The list above is not comprehensive, however those are the most important responsibilities.

Joint Regional Roaming Operator for the APAN Region

AARNet collaborates with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to host the APAN Regional RADIUS Servers, RRSs (also referred to as APAN Top-Level RADIUS Servers, TLRSs).

AARNet is responsible for configuring APAN NRSs into the APAN RRSs in order that eduroam authentication request routing from the APAN region to/from other world regions is performed correctly.

AARNet and HKPolyU exchange information via email to ensure their respective RRS configurations are in sync.

Member of the Global eduroam Governance Committee

Given AARNet’s pivotal role in promoting eduroam in the Asia Pacific region, AARNet has contributed one member to the Global eduroam Governance Committee

Extending eduroam in the Asia Pacific

AARNet has played a key part in extending eduroam in the Asia Pacific, being project manager of the TEIN funded eduroam project (abbreviated as XeAP), which assisted APAC countries join eduroam.

eduroam AU Institutional Participant (IdP+SP)

AARNet Pty Ltd is a participant in eduroam, i.e. an institutional roaming operator (IRO) participating in eduroam AU.

AARNet operates as both an eduroam Identity Provider, with ~100 identities, and an eduroam Service Provider, providing eduroam hotspots in each of its Australian city locations.

Further information regarding AARNet’s IRO role is available on AARNet’s eduroam webpage.